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Clay Tile|Wall Brick KW670

Clay Tile|Wall Brick KW670

Item No.: KW670

Material: Natural Clay, Eco Green Material

Size: 220x105x52mm

Usage: Wall Cladding Decoration, Exterior Decoration

Clay Tile|Wall Brick KW670 introduction

Product Specification
Item NO: KW670
Size(L/W/T): 220x105x52mm
Material: Natural Clay
Corner Tile: Available
Certificate: ISO/GB

Technical Specification of LOPO Clay Tile:

CHARACTERISTIC LOPO Specification Reference Standard (GB/T4100-2006)
Dimensions and surface quality
Length(%) ±1/max.±1mm ±1.5/max.±2mm
Width(%) ±1/max.±1.5mm ±1.5/max.±2mm
Thickness(%) ±10 ±10
Surface quality Fulfill the reference standard No obvious flaw is visually inspected from a distance of 1 metre while the tile is hanging vertically.
Physical properties
Water absorption(%) Average:E≤5.5 3<Average E≤6;Individual≤6.5
Modulus of rupture(MPa) Average:R≥23 Average R≥13; Individual≥11
Breaking strength(N) Average:S≥1000 Average S≥800
Frost resistance Fulfill the reference standard No visible damages after 100 changes of freezing and thawing.
Resistance to thermal shock Fulfill the reference standard Free from defects after 10 cycles.

Features of LOPO Clay Tile:

Natural and Fadeless Texture

Green and Sustainable Material

Low Maintenance

Great Insulation performance

Fire Resistance