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LOPO Terracotta Facade Project: Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

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Project Name: Hunan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

LOPO Product: Terracotta Facade Panel F501801

Total QTY: 3200 SQM

The Mao Zedong Memorial Park is located on the hillside opposite to and about 500 meters away from Mao Zedong’s Former Residence in Shaoshan Village, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. The Memorial Park primarily presents the revolutionary resort and memorial facilities where Mao Zedong and his comrades ever fought and worked, and is one of the important building groups in commemoration of Mao Zedong in China.

In this project, LOPO participated in the finishing and decoration of the interior walls of the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall in the Mao Zedong Memorial Park. The walls of the Memorial Hall are made of beige terracotta panels, and the color and lustre of the plates are gentle, simple and elegant, ideal for a place like the Memorial Hall that requires tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the interior decoration is the micro-carving on the terracotta panels. A sunflower pattern is micro-carved into eight terracotta panels, with different depths in the terracotta panel surface. The natural difference in the color and lustre between the original surface and the carved surface of the terracotta panels make the entire pattern show a three-dimensional effect with sketch-like outline, being harmonious with the style of the entire Memorial Hall while also adding vivid touch to the originally insipid walls.

As an environment-friendly curtain wall material, terracotta panel is suitable to be used in both external walls and interior decoration. Functionally, terracotta panel can provide good sound proof and thermal insulation effect. The color of terracotta panel is formed naturally when natural clay is fired at high temperature, and the color and lustre are natural, warm and fadeless. Different visual effects will appear when the patterns are under either natural light or indoor lighting. Meanwhile, by micro-carving on the terracotta panel, in combination with sculpturing, coloring and jointing, different patterns can be generated on the interior wall, which provides ample options for interior decoration.

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