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Flexible Cladding

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LOPO flexible cladding products can vividly and realistically reproduce the natural textures and colors of various stones, clay bricks, architectural concrete, timber etc. However, unlike traditional brick work or masonry, they are incredibly flexible, thin, lightweight, allowing them to be installed easily on almost any substrate. They are ideal cladding material that offer flexible application and design features for both exterior facade and interior decor.

LOPO flexible claddings are almost mineral-based, consisting of a mixture of assorted quartz sands, high-grade polymer and inorganic pigment. An additional reinforced fiberglass mesh is used when manufacturing big format products like flexible stone veneer. The Max size of our cladding product is 1200mmx2400mm.


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Flexible and Bendable

Can Be Applied On Different Surface

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Thin and Light Weight

2-5mm, 3-6 KG/SQM

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Natural Shades and Textures

Can Be Customized

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Fire rated to A2- S1, d0, t0

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High Impact Resistant

Better Than Ceramic Tile and Stone

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Weather Resistant and UV Resistant

Passed 2000-hour Test


1. Low Costs

LOPO flexible cladding products is cost-effective. Low cost of material; Low transportation and storage cost; Highly efficient in installation. 

2. Faster and Easier Installation Than Traditional Masonry

No special tools are required. DIY friendly Products. Please click here for Method of Application

3. Applicable for Different Substrate

Flexibility and lightweight make LOPO flexible claddings bond firmly and sustain the deformation of different substrates, without any hollowness, breakage or fall-off. 

4. Safer Products for High Rise Blocks

Compared to traditional ceramic tile and stone, the features of thin, lightweight and flexible make flexible bricks and flexible stone veneers a good option for cladding the high rise blocks. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

No pollution is caused through the whole supply chain, from raw material, manufacturing to installation.


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LOPO Flexi-claddings are ideal for exterior and interior use. Wide options of textures and colors allow architects to create unique features and atmospheres for all kinds of buildings like apartment, school, villa, commercial and office building.

Unique properties of LOPO Flexible Claddings make it the perfect solution for special place of the building like curved wall, round arches, cylinders.

Unlike traditional masonry, LOPO Flexible Cladding can be installed easily on almost any substrate of both new buildings and refurbishment projects, such as concrete, mosaic, stone, wood, metal, plaster board, old bricks, PVC, external wall insulation systems.

  • Flexible Brick Slips

    Flexible Brick Slips

    LOPO acrylic flexible bricks slips are ideal for recreating brick features internally and externally. Thin, bendable, lightweight and easy to install.

  • Flexible Stone Veneer

    Flexible Stone Veneer

    LOPO lightweight and flexible stone veneers, which provide almost every natural stone appearances, are very competitive solution for stone cladding projects.


    LOPO Flexible Cladding