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Terracotta Panel

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Terracotta Panels are one of terracotta cladding materials, which are usually made of weathered clay, extruded from vacuum chamber and fired in high-temperature roller kiln. As an old but also new facade material, terracotta panels are known for its design flexibility, durability and sustainability. Its enriched colors, textures and shapes that offer architects limitless options to realize a building's design aesthetic.

LOPO can provide terracotta panels of different thickness, dimensions, shapes and profiles, based on curtain wall structure design, installation system, facade design, wind load and other requirements. Based on the installation approaches and applications field, LOPO terracotta panel can be categorized into 2 types of cladding panel: Solid Terracotta Tile and Terracotta Rainscreen Facade Panel

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LOPO Solid Terracotta Tile 

Thickness: 10 mm – 15 mm

Length: 100 mm - 1200 mm

Height: Max. 600 mm

Mass per unit area: approx. 21.5 KG/SQM (Thickness: 10 mm)

Terracotta Solid Tile is thin and light-weight cladding material that is ideal for precast construction looking for a terracotta facing appearance. This series can be installed by pasting cement or using mechanical fixing system. Solid terracotta element boded onto precast concrete panel usually has a dovetail profile on the backside to ensuring a high-strength bond between the concrete and the terracotta facade. LOPO provide solid tile with either straight side or a shiplap rainscreen joint. It imposes less pressure on wall structure, so it is an ideal terracotta facade for interior wall or low rise exterior walls.

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LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Facade Panels 

Thickness: 15 mm – 100 mm

Length: Max. 3300 mm

Height: Max. 900 mm

Mass per unit area: approx. 50 KG/SQM (Thickness: 30 mm)

LOPO terracotta rainscreen facade panel is thicker and double-skin terracotta cladding product with horizontal overlapping joints. Terracotta panels are part of the overall terracotta rainscreen cladding system that works as the exterior facade. They are supported by the engineered framing and fixing clips. The rainscreen system is a ventilated and pressure-equalized system which utilize ship-lapped open joints and complete drained system to ensures equalized pressure between inside and outside of terracotta panels and avoid the water penetrating into the building envelopes, and therefore protects the structural wall and saves energy. LOPO customized rainscreen solutions provide both structural versatility and aesthetics for each project.

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LOPO Textures & Finishes 

LOPO terracotta panels come with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. Different finishes & textures are available, such as sandblasted, stripped, honed, wood texture, wavy. Special surface treatments are also available, such as micro-graving, 3D ink-jetting. Therefore, LOPO terracotta panels can perfectly express architects’ design concepts and vividly show different facade styles and effects for different buildings.

  • Natural Flat Finish

    Natural Flat Finish

    LOPO terracotta facade panel of natural smooth surface can perfectly bring out the original beauties of clay products. Different fineness of natural surface can be created according to the requirement.

  • Sanding Finish

    Sanding Finish

    Sanding terracotta tile series can convey a distinctive sense of design and touch compared with natural surface. LOPO can provide sanded terracotta tiles with different level of roughness upon request.

  • Grooved Finish

    Grooved Finish

    LOPO groove-surface terracotta facade series. Architects can divide the lines of the building elevation by designing and using terracotta panels of different widths and depths to achieve special visual effects.

  • Linear Finish

    Linear Finish

    LOPO terracotta rain screen panel of linear surface can be customized in various thicknesses with regular or irregular, deep or shallow stripped textures. It can be used with other terracotta tiles to render an enriching architectural facade.

  • Glazed Surface

    Glazed Surface

    LOPO terracotta facade panel can be produced based on RAL colors. Both matt and glossy surface are available upon request.

  • Grainy Texture

    Grainy Texture

    The wood-grained terracotta panel series is made by applying a special molding process of LOPO. The wood grain series features natural texture and rich color options for facade, indoor walls or floors.

  • Special Shape

    Special Shape

    Customized terracotta facade series. LOPO can closely collaborate with the clients to customize and re-design the profiles, shapes, surface textures, colors, glazes of the terracotta tiles and sunshades and the installation systems so as to fulfill the unique design requests of architectural projects.

  • Porcelain Panel

    Porcelain Panel

    LOPO Porcelain Panel series featured in sophisticated finishes can vividly reproduce the natural surface texture and color of various natural building materials, such as wood, marble,cement and granite. Be it a smooth surface or a matte surface, durable products with constant color can add much charm to your project.

  • Carved Panel

    Carved Panel

    LOPO can do microscopic carving on the surface of the terracotta panels to render various textures or patterns as required. This kind of product is usually used in combination with the terracotta facade as a partial decoration or embellishment.

LOPO Standard Colours

LOPO terracotta panel series with natural colors are created by using high-quality natural clay, complex mixing process and firing technique with precise temperature control. The natural fired colors cover a wide range, including all the colors with various shades and tones which are based on five basic colors of white, yellow, brown, red, and gray. These are through-body colors and stand well to the test of the time and various climatic conditions. When LOPO’s terracotta plates are used, the building’s facade demonstrates long-lasting excellent performance in terms of color and surface. 

LOPO natural fired colors