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Premium terracotta facade products require a perfect combination of technology and production facility in each step of the complex terracotta manufacturing process. To improve and innovate our products continuously, LOPO China has been constantly investing in procuring industry-leading, advanced facilities, and customizing and localizing them to better fit our own process features.

LOPO possesses advanced production facilities from Germany and Italy and self-developed kilns, with an annual production capacity of 1500,000 m2 Terracotta Facade Panels4,500,000 m2 thin brick, 600,000 m2 Artificial Stone. When it comes to the production energy consumption and environmental protection, all of the parameters have reached industry leading level in China. In 2019, LOPO Terracotta Panels Factory started the construction of the third production facility. This production line will enhance our production capacity for various complex customized products and special terracotta elements.

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80,000㎡ Clay Stockpiles

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150,000 Tons Automatic Batching Systems of Clay Powder Materials

Extrusion Dies for Architectural Terracotta.jpg

Extrusion Dies for Architectural Terracotta

Extruders of Italian BONGIOANNI MACCHINE.jpg

Extruders of Italian BONGIOANNI MACCHINE and German HANDLE

LOPO Drying Systems For Terracotta Loafs.jpg

80 Meters Five Layers Drying Systems 

LOPO Roller Hearth Kilns.jpg

260 Meters Roller Hearth Kilns with Advanced Firing Systems

LOPO Tunnel Kilns For Clay Bricks.jpg

Tunnel Kilns with Programmed Process Measurement & Control

LOPO Automated Unloadin and Placing System.jpg

Automated Unloading & Placing System for Terracotta Panels

LOPO Automatic Cutting and Edge Grinding Equipments.jpg

Automatic Cutting and Edge Grinding Equipments