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Back Fixing

For different facade structure and curtain wall design requirements, LOPO provides corresponding installation system solutions and fixing components. LOPO also provides customized machining options for terracotta panels and baguettes, including drilling, backside jogs, horizontal and vertical cutting, miter cut for corner, etc.

LOPO common installation system for terracotta ventilated facades:

  • LOPO T30mm Facade Supporting system

    LOPO T30mm Facade Supporting System

    This supporting system is suitable for all kinds of LOPO terracotta rainscreen facade panels. It is easy to install, and a single terracotta panel can be replaced separately. Panels can be oriented in horizontal and vertical layout by adjust the supporting system.

  • LOPO T18mm Facade Supporting system

    LOPO T18mm Facade Supporting System

    This installation system is suitable for LOPO lightweight terracotta panels (Thickness: 15-18mm) that have back extruded grooves for installation. The system requires less depth of ventilated cavity.

  • LOPO Terracotta Baguette Fixing System

    LOPO Baguette & Louver Fixing System

    LOPO’s basic installation system for terracotta baguettes includes side fixing and back fixing solution. Baguettes can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any specific angle.
    Check brief introduction of LOPO Baguette Installation System.

More Terracotta Rainscreen Façade Details for Mounting System are available on request.

  • Panel T18mm Fixing

    Panel T18mm Fixing

    The supporting frame system and fixing clips used for thin, fluted terracotta facade tiles. LOPO China provides customized mechanical, clip-based solutions for specific project.

  • Panel T30mm Fixing

    Panel T30mm Fixing

    LOPO fixing components for terracotta suspended ventilated facade (double-skin panel in thickness: 20,22,24,30,40 mm). Both horizontal and vertical support systems can be designed and provided.

  • Baguette Fixing

    Baguette Fixing

    LOPO offers side and back fixing systems for terracotta baguette and louver products. Galvanized steel, aluminum and architectural stainless steel attachment systems can be customized according to facade structural demand.