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Clay Paver

LOPO Clay Paver

Fired from natural clay at high temperatures (1100-1300 degrees), LOPO clay pavers have excellent properties, such as strong breaking strength, abrasion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption. LOPO clay pavers are beautiful, durable and colorfast, so that they are ideal for paving gardens, patio, terrace, walkway, square, driveway, parking, etc. Different land areas require clay pavers of different abrasion resistance and breaking loads. LOPO can provide clay pavers of different thickness accordingly.

Standard Dimensions for LOPO Clay Pavers: 




(Note: length, width and thickness shall be proportional.)

LOPO also offer terracotta stair and skirting tiles which has good performance in abrasion resistance and anti-slipperiness. Varying thickness, texture and color are available.

  • Heavy Clay Paver

    Heavy Clay Paver

    LOPO 40-65 mm terracotta floor paver serve as suitable paving materials for use in areas such as public squares and driveways that require high compressive strength and great durability.

  • Light Clay Paver

    Light Clay Paver

    LOPO 12-30mm terracotta floor pavers can be used in walkways, courtyards, gardens and indoor areas where the requirement for destructive load of the floor material is low. The product features constant color and good wear resistance.

  • Terracotta Floor Tile

    Terracotta Floor Tile

    LOPO can provide terracotta floor tiles with a thickness of 12-30 mm and supporting terracotta stair and skirting tiles for indoor and pedestrian areas, and they feature good anti-slip properties.