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Useful Information

  • Interesting Terracotta Plate Surface Treatment Methods2017-12-18

    Traditional terracotta curtain wall products have special features like their pure and simple ceramic textures. However, as architecture styles are becoming increasingly pluralistic, the need for an innovative variety of terracotta plate surfaces has risen along with the numberless ever-changing architect external wall designs. LOPO China is constantly trying to develop new terracotta facade surface treatment methods based on traditional craftsmanship.

  • Dimensions of LOPO Terracotta Tiles2017-01-13

    In designing an elevation of a building, the designers often have to choose terracotta tiles of different dimensions based on the structures and appearance of the elevation. LOPO terracotta tiles are normally 150mm-800mm wide and 250mm-1500mm long (as is shown in the picture below), but are also available in special dimensions.

  • 3 Points About Color Consistency Of Terracotta Body2016-11-29

    A LOPO terracotta panel is made of the same material both in its surface layers and internal layers, so that the color is consistent throughout the entire panel, except for glazed panels or other panels that have special finishing.

  • Examples of Vertical Terracotta Facade Construction2016-10-24

    As a decorative material for external walls, terracotta panel is constantly explored by architectural designers for its aesthetic potential when applied to a building's facade. The design effects are achieved not only through various patterns (such as surface, shape, color)of the terracotta panels, but also through various installation methods, including horizontal, vertical, beveled, split-leveled, and overlapped installations.

  • LOPO Solid Ceramic Elements2016-09-26

    Different from LOPO’s Terracotta Façade with hollow chamber cross-section, LOPO’s Solid Ceramic Tile (also known as Light Ceramic Plate) is solid and light, with its thickness less than 15mm. This kind of tile is less weight-burden on the wall structure and can be flexibly cut to the desired length and width, and into special shapes as required by the architectural design.

  • Advantages of clay facing bricks2016-09-03

    Clay Facing Bricks, also called Vertically Perforated Bricks, refer to bricks that are made from clay and used as both furnishing and load-bearing body of the building’s walls. These bricks are in rectangular (standard) form or irregular (auxiliary) form.

  • How to do Maintenance for Terracotta Panel Surface2016-08-19

    Terracotta panels are calcined at high temperature from wet-extruded natural clay. The surface of curtain wall is anti-static so that it is not easy to gather dust. Generally, the rain washes off the dust from the terracotta panel surface. So the expenses for cleaning and maintenance of terracotta curtain walls are low, especially for high-rising buildings. However, the following things should be considered in order to keep and show the best visual effect for terracotta curtain walls.

  • LOPO Limestone Project- Amber Bay2016-08-02

    Project: Amber Bay
    Location: Mtqipanshan resort ,Dongling District,Shenyang City
    Quantity:30000 SQM
    LOPO Artificial stone:Limestone Series

  • LOPO Antique Thin Brick—Hand-made Series2016-07-19

    Nowadays, many new buildings of historical style feature antique bricks or cultural stones that are adopted by architectural designers to create antique atmosphere. Antique terracotta bricks are also preferred by architectural designers to retain the original architectural style in renovation projects.

  • Clay Thin Brick-Faced Precast Concrete2016-04-22

    Precast concrete wall, featuring controllable quality, short production and installation period, environmental friendliness, high safety level and other merits, has been widely applied in more than 60% of the projects in developed countries including European countries, America and Japan.

  • The Oriental Elegance of Interior Decoration--Chinoiserie Artificial Brick2016-03-31

    Originated from America, Artificial stone is quite fashionable in the worldwide nowadays. It has formed a very rich product series after nearly half century’s development. But most of the application of classical artificial stone in interior decoration are go with strong western style, whether the rough sanding surface cultured stone or the natural surface artificial brick.

  • Clay Material for Terracotta Façade Cladding2016-03-16

    Clay is the material first and most widely used for producing potteries/ceramics, ranging from ancient ceramic utensils, bricks of Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors and Horses to modern ceramics (artistic ceramics, domestic ceramics and architectural terracotta) that people frequently utilize nowadays.

  • LOPO New Artificial Stones 20152015-09-10

    For many years, LOPO has been striving to develop various new products cater to the market demand. With expertise of mixing and molding technique, LOPO is fully capable of creating any patterns, surfaces and colors according to customer requirements.

  • LOPO Terracotta Baguette2015-08-07

    With the widely use of terracotta façade cladding, terracotta baguette as special terracotta façade elements have become increasingly appealing to architects. They offer an excellent combination of both functionality and aesthetic appeal as shading and design elements.

  • Installation System of LOPO Terracotta Baguette2015-08-06

    Terracotta square baguette is the most common baguette type widely used in window areas or as design elements. They are usually installed by back fixing system or side fixing system according to the requirement of specific project.