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Terracotta Baguettes

Terracotta Baguettes & fins | Terracotta Louvers Sunshade System

LOPO terracotta baguettes and terracotta louvers, also known as terracotta sunshade is one of the LOPO Terracotta Cladding product series. It is often designed and used in front of glass curtain walls, window area, passages, etc., producing a shading effect for the building. It's also a very special architectural design element when used alone. Whether designed on the facade of a building or on an interior wall, terracotta fins can create a unique visual effect. When designed together with terracotta panels, it works well in corners, parapets, eaves, balcony, parking building and etc. achieving an harmonious and integral facade.

Shapes & Dimensions

LOPO terracotta baguettes, fins, louvers, battens feature various shapes and profiles, including squares, oblong, ovals, triangles and circular cross-sections, and it can be customized to other irregular shapes. For instance, curved baguettes and louvers can be made for the corners of the facade. The most commonly used pipe form is 50x50 mm and in length of 1000 -1500 mm, but LOPO China is capable of providing customized terracotta baguette sunscreen system catering for the architectural design.

Terracotta Baguette Terracotta Louver / Terracotta Baguette

Terracotta Baguette Facade System 

Terracotta Louvers | Terracotta Fins

Material: Natural Clay Materials

Length: max. 1800mm

Height: max.100 mm / min. diameter 43x43 mm

Width: max. 200 mm

Terracotta Baguette shape and dimensions.jpg

LOPO Colors & Finishes

LOPO terracotta baguette colors include both natural fired colors and glazed colors. Naturally fired colors include a wide range of basic colors with different hues: white, yellow, red, brown, gray, black. Metallic colors made by a special reduction firing process are also available. The glazed colors, either matte or glossy finishes, can be matched according to the RAL colors. The baguette can be four sides glazed. In addition to natural surfaces, we offer sandblasted, combed and timber surface textures. Limitless colors make baguette cladding integrated naturally and artistically with architectures and surroundings.

shades and colors of terracotta baguettes + fins.jpg

Baguette Sunscreen Fixing Solution

Side fixing and back fixing are the two basic installation systems for LOPO terracotta louvers and baguettes. We can offer system design service specifically according to the project.

With our regular fixing components, we can install baguettes and louvers horizontally and vertically in a flexible and convenient manner. Based on the sunlight condition of the building, the terracotta fins can be installed at a certain angle and spacing so as to achieve good control and management of solar radiation.

For the manufacturing and processing of terracotta baguettes, in addition to the conventional cutting services, customized services, such as slotting, drilling and 45-degree angle cutting are available in our factory.

Brief introduction of LOPO Terracotta Baguette Installation System.

More terracotta baguettes and louvers details for mounting system are available on request.


1. LOPO Natural terracotta is fired at high temperature; thus, it has good flexural strength and freeze-thaw resistance. The product is durable and the color can last for hundred of years.

LOPO Terracotta Baguettes have obtained CE certification and demonstrated excellent physical properties.

Check Technical Specification of LOPO Terracotta Baguettes.

2. When properly designed and used, LOPO terracotta sunshades can provide a good shading effect while ensuring sufficient indoor lighting, preventing glare and reducing the energy consumption of the building.

3. Flexible and easy to install, LOPO terracotta baguette louvers can be widely used in architectural decoration.

4. With a rich selection of colors and shapes, you can design creative building facades and light effects.

  • Terracotta Baguette

    Terracotta Baguette

    LOPO terracotta baguettes which have square profiles are usually applied as sunshade devices and aesthetic elements for building facade. Maximum length:1,800 mm. Special finishes like metallic, sandblasted surface and 4-faced glaze is available.

  • Terracotta Louver

    Terracotta Louver

    LOPO terracotta louver has wide options of standard and custom profiles, glazes, colors, shapes, finishes and dimensions that can create unique terracotta charms for any project. Miter cuts and drilling options are available on request.