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  • 2022
    The third production line of LOPO China has been completed and put into operation.This represents the completion of the factory's production line update and significant improvement in environmental protection and production process level.
  • 2019
    LOPO China started construction of the third production line of Terracotta Facade Panels.
  • 2016
    LOPO's new Terracotta Baguettes production line was completed and put into use at our Thin Brick factory. This enhances the baguette products’ quality and great improvement has been achieved in terms of their dimensions, surface treatment, glazing technique, and product customization.
  • 2014
    Sales of LOPO Terracotta Panels more than doubled.
  • 2013
    LOPO sold 260,000 SQM terracotta facade panels and ranked NO.1 in China terracotta facade market.
  • 2012
    LOPO started the 2nd phase extension of terracotta facade factory. LOPO launched terracotta floor heating system.
  • 2010
    At the Expo 2010 Shanghai, LOPO clay wall brick has been applied in “Hamburg House” of Germany as part of the theme—“sustainable urban development and ecological climate-friendly construction”.
  • 2009
    LOPO terracotta facade factory was set up in Zhangzhou Fujian.
  • 2008
    LOPO Thin Brick was applied in gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology, which was one of the facilities for the Beijing Olympic Game.
  • 2006
    LOPO set up the distribution network in China major cities.
  • 2005
    LOPO established the strategic partnership with noted real estate developers -- Vanke, Merchants Estate, Country Garden Group, CRLAND and VANTONG etc.
  • 2004
    LOPO thin brick product was supplied nationwide and exported to Korea and Japan this year.
  • 2003
    Ms. Meiyu Yang set up LOPO Artificial Stone factory (LEYE).
  • 2002
    Mr. Xinghua Peng and Ms Meiyu Yang set up LOPO thin brick factory, and started to develop and produce clay thin brick, Clay Brick and Clay Paver by LOPO self-designed tunnel kilns.