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Artificial Stone

LOPO manufactured stone

LOPO artificial stone and cultural manufactured stones are environment-friendly, lightweight, clolorfast, easy to install, and can vividly and realistically reproduce the natural textures and colors of various stones, clay bricks and timbers. LOPO can tailor the colors and textures to meet the needs of architectural projects. They can not only be used on the building facades, but also in areas like background wall, entrance, garden courtyard as special decoration elements.

  • Cultured Brick VeneerCultured Brick Veneer

    The natural texture of terracotta tiles with a sense of age and culture can be perfectly demonstrate by Cultured Brick Veneer series. This antique tiles are also suitable for the facade of renovation projects.

  • Ledge StoneLedge Stone

    LOPO Ledge Stone, usually dry-stacked without mortar joints, is extensively used as exterior cladding and interior decoration to create a modern look.

  • Rock StoneRock Stone

    LOPO Rock Stone series shows a unique and asymmetrical appearance of natural rock stone wall through the randomly hand-cut surface and varying size.

  • Castle StoneCastle Stone

    LOPO Castle Stone series are relatively regular in shape, but vary in block size, and the surface has natural texture of hand cutting.

  • Field StoneField Stone

    LOPO Field Stone vividly shows a naturally round and smooth-textured stones from the banks of rivers and lakes, which is suitable for creating a rural scenery.

  • Solid StoneSolid Stone

    LOPO Solid Stone Series are manufactured stone of various limestone and granite stones textures. Conformity sizes and shapes are generally used in projects.

  • Grainy StoneGrainy Stone

    LOPO wood grainy stone series vividly produced the natural textures and colors of all kinds of woods including charred wood.

  • Corner PieceCorner Piece

    LOPO manufactured stone and brick series have the matching corner pieces, which are suitable for building corners, window sill and other special area.