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  • LOPO Terracotta Wall Cladding Applied in Vanke Projects2017-05-16

    LOPO China is a strategic partner of Vanke. LOPO supplies clay thin brick, terracotta rainscreen panel and terracotta brick and other products for the residential projects developed by Vanke. Since over a decade ago, LOPO products have been widely applied to Vanke’s real estate projects nationwide as Vanke expands its real estate business.

  • World Bank Group Office Premises2017-04-28

    Architects chose orange and white as the main tones of this project. Such tones are brisk and relaxing, and very suitable for the buildings in the tropic areas. The architects respectively apply terracotta panels, terracotta square baguettes and clay thin bricks to the areas such as external walls, in-room dining area, in-room pillars and garden.

  • Shengjing (Dalian) Women’s and Children’s Hospital2017-04-13

    The facades mainly consist of terracotta rainscreen. Light-beige terracotta panels are extensively used to make the conventional buildings radiating elegance and gentleness. This feature is also in line with hospital buildings with intended purposes of serving mainly women and children.

  • Science and Technology Park of Xin City,Changsha2017-03-25

    The exterior wall materials are dry-hanging terracotta panels, hidden frame glass curtain wall, and vacuum-insulated glass. The facades are divided by creamy-white terracotta panels and charcoal-gray terracotta panels into large-sized sections of different colors, so that the facades look simplistic and integral.

  • Fangu Villas in the Jinlin Compound2017-03-07

    Without an intriguing design, Fangu villas make full use of the terrain features to be serene. The villas’ external walls feature a mixed use of terracotta bricks and panels that are both made of natural clay, creating the harmonious unity with the natural surroundings.

  • The Collocation of Terracotta Panels of the Same Color Category2017-02-12

    When designing terracotta external walls, the architectural designers take full consideration of the rules for using colors so that the buildings will have unique external wall colors. The most frequently used method to design and apply colors is to collocate terracotta panels of the same color category.

  • LOPO Terracotta for Business Building Project2017-01-25

    Business Building Project:Jiangsu Sci-tech and Financial Plaza
    Owner: Jiangsu Jinji Asset Management Co., Ltd
    Constructed by: China Railway Construction Engineering Group
    Product Item: F301877
    Overall QTY: 12000 Square Meters

  • Dimensions of LOPO Terracotta Tiles2017-01-13

    In designing an elevation of a building, the designers often have to choose terracotta tiles of different dimensions based on the structures and appearance of the elevation. LOPO terracotta tiles are normally 150mm-800mm wide and 250mm-1500mm long (as is shown in the picture below), but are also available in special dimensions.

  • LOPO Terracotta Facade for Educational Project2016-12-29

    Project: Qingdao Westcoast Vocational Education Group Training Center
    LOPO terracotta panel quantity: 4500SQM
    Item no.: F4521634,F45210031,F4521889
    Dimension: 450*900*21mm

  • LOPO Terracotta Facade for Research and Innovation Base2016-12-14

    Qingshan Lake Sci-tech Innovation Center
    Owner:Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China
    Designed by:Architecture Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., Zhejiang Province
    Constructed by:Zhongnan Construction Group
    Terracotta façade panel quantity:8000SQM

  • 3 Points About Color Consistency Of Terracotta Body2016-11-29

    A LOPO terracotta panel is made of the same material both in its surface layers and internal layers, so that the color is consistent throughout the entire panel, except for glazed panels or other panels that have special finishing.

  • LOPO Custom-made Bricks for China Resources University2016-11-09

    This university project has recently finished construction and commenced operation. As a masterpiece representing China’s campus architecture design, this project highlights a unique design -- “slender red brick curtain wall”.

  • Examples of Vertical Terracotta Facade Construction2016-10-24

    As a decorative material for external walls, terracotta panel is constantly explored by architectural designers for its aesthetic potential when applied to a building's facade. The design effects are achieved not only through various patterns (such as surface, shape, color)of the terracotta panels, but also through various installation methods, including horizontal, vertical, beveled, split-leveled, and overlapped installations.

  • LOPO Terracotta Facade for Residential Project2016-10-08

    This project is one of the high-end residential projects developed by Evergrande Group, a famous Chinese real estate developer. Conveniently located in the only peninsula area bordered by Xiang river, Liuyang River and Laodao River.

  • LOPO Solid Ceramic Elements2016-09-26

    Different from LOPO’s Terracotta Façade with hollow chamber cross-section, LOPO’s Solid Ceramic Tile (also known as Light Ceramic Plate) is solid and light, with its thickness less than 15mm. This kind of tile is less weight-burden on the wall structure and can be flexibly cut to the desired length and width, and into special shapes as required by the architectural design.