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Brick Cladding System

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LOPO Brick Cladding System

LOPO Brick Cladding System is a lightweight, mechanically fixed system that combines natural clay brick tiles with versatile and easy to install system for facades. The system, made of steel frames or aluminum systems, consist of horizontally fixed rails and vertical supporting section. The brick tiles with a specially designed profile can be easily fitted into the brick rails and be secured in place. The horizontal rails can be adjusted at flexible heights according to the bricks.

Thin brick can be arranged in various bond patterns. The horizontal and vertical joint spacing allows for mortar joints to provide the brickwork appearance.

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The brick slips and profiled aluminum support section shown represent only one sample of LOPO thin brick facade system. We can design the brick and installation system according to according to actual facade structure and curtain wall design requirements.

Features Of LOPO Brick Veneer Cladding System

1.Ease of installation

The installation of brick cladding system is much easier and less restricted to the weather condition requirements than traditional brickwork, which help to shorten the installation time and related cost.

2.Benefits of fired clay brick

This system not only shows the timeless natural beauty of clay brick, but also makes full use of its durability and high performance as building exterior wall material.

3. Versatile and functional

The brick cladding system can be applied in different sub-structures. The system can also be incorporated into the rain screen system to provide high performance and decreasing a building's overall energy consuming.

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    Dimensions of LOPO Thin Facade Brick:

    Length: 230 -290 mm

    Height:  60-100mm

    Thickness: 20-30 mm

    (Length, height and thickness can vary depending on 

    on the corresponding proportion.)

    The facade brick is specially produced to fit LOPO Brick Cladding System. But most colors, textures, and surface finishes of LOPO thin brick can be also applied in this product. Custom brick is available on request.