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Company Profile

Proud to be the leading architectural terracotta facade manufacturer in China.

Since founding as a family-owned company in 2002, LOPO China is known to provide architects, building owners and builders, the highest quality terracotta facades and to turn their inspiration into architectural masterpieces. Today, LOPO China has expanded into three factories in Fujian province including LOPO Thin Brick plant, LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel plant and LOPO Artificial Stone plant and extended LOPO Terracotta product to an ever-expanding line of architectural solutions.

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    Persistence in product quality

    Having attended China Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, our founders, Mr. Peng Xinghua and Mrs. Yang Meiyu have long been a part of the Chinese architectural terracotta industry. Mr. Peng began developing and building professional firing kilns nearly 30 years ago and has been the soul of LOPO's R&D team.

Our founders' devotion to the craft has cemented the path for our technical team and over 600 skilled workers to pour their knowledge and expertise into the process, from project-specific design of products and systems in the early stage to technical support and service in construction stage, from raw clay preparation to order delivery. Strict quality control processes are carried through the entire production line following the ISO Quality Management System to ensure sustained quality in all our products. LOPO terracotta facade products are manufactured to meet the quality standards, guidelines, and performance requirements for product imports in the European Union and USA (EU/ASTM standard).

Collaboration create value

At LOPO China, we believe that collaboration breed innovation and evolution.

We support and collaborate with architects all over the world to realize their exciting architectural designs. Their ideas in turn inspire us to innovate continuously. We keep improving our products design, firing technique, new material experiments and production process to help bring their architectural projects to fruition.

Throughout our history, our strength comes from the partnerships we have built with renowned real estate and architectural companies across China, including Vanke, Crland, Vantong, Merchants Estate companies, and Country Garden Group. We are trusted by our customers with quality and durable products, efficient service, and fast delivery.

Innovation and performance turned art

LOPO China's unwavering devotion to product quality and innovation has led us to partake in iconic architectural structures recognized at home and abroad. Including the Beijing University of Technology's gym, one of the facilities where the Beijing Olympics took place. Our products are also featured in The Hamburg House at the Expo 2010 Shanghai, featuring the theme "Sustainable Urban Development and Ecological Climate-friendly Construction." Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center project designed by PES-Architects, which won many international design awards, featuring in LOPO customized glazed terracotta baguettes and cladding.

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