Since its first production line of clay thin bricks started running in 2002, LOPO China has been focused on R&D and innovation of architectural terracotta products. Today, LOPO China has diverse product portfolio ranging from terracotta facade panel, terracotta baguette, terracotta facing brick, clay tile to terracotta paver. Aside from our standard products, we can also tailor products and services in terms of dimension, color, finish & texture, shape, profile, installation structure etc., in order to meet the needs of architectural projects in different style and facade structure.

LOPO's terracotta facade cladding product has obtained CE certification from the European Union and all the technical indicators are in line with European and American standards. The products demonstrate excellent physical properties and excel in dimensional control accuracy, surface flatness, color consistency, durability, breaking strength and water absorption. LOPO’s terracotta products are made of high quality clay, and processed with advanced firing technology. They boast many advantages, namely, good thermal insulation and anti-freezing performance, great durability, low maintenance cost, recyclability and etc., all of which can satisfy the requirements for high-performance buildings that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 

  • Terracotta Cladding

    Terracotta Cladding

    Terracotta Cladding. Manufactured with natural and aged raw clay, fired at high temperatures, terracotta cladding is an architectural cladding that provides certain degree of insulation and weather resistance while creating an aesthetically pleasing facade.

  • Terracotta Panel

    Terracotta Panel

    Terracotta Panel. LOPO offers a wide range of terracotta facade panel and rainscreen cladding, which are available in standard and custom colors, textures, surfaces, glazing, profiles and sizes.

  • Terracotta Baguettes

    Terracotta Baguettes

    LOPO terracotta baguettes & fins and terracotta louvers are widely used as sunshade systems and facade decoration. Available in various cross sections (oval, rectangular, square, circle, triangle shapes). Max Length:1800 mm.

  • Terracotta Rainscreen

    Terracotta Rainscreen

    Terracotta Rainscreen. LOPO ventilated terracotta rainscreen system are the great combination of high-quality terracotta cladding and pressure-equalized cavity wall system.

  • Terracotta Tile

    Terracotta Tile

    LOPO terracotta tile for wall is a lightweight solid cladding tile that used as facing material in adhered or precast application.

  • Thin Brick

    Thin Brick

    LOPO thin brick is a lightweight extruded brick veneer made from natural clay, which gives the appearance of full-face brick.

  • Long Brick

    Long Brick

    LOPO long bricks are long format roman bricks with a length of more than 500mm (19.69 inch). This series of products includes long facing bricks, long thin bricks and corner bricks.

  • Brick Cladding System

    Brick Cladding System

    LOPO Brick Cladding System is a lightweight, mechanically fixed system that combines natural clay brick tiles with versatile and easy to install system for facades.

  • Facing Brick

    Facing Brick

    LOPO clay face brick can create limitless visual effects through different finishes & textures, laying patterns, colors, cement joints and installation methods when used either as facade or design elements.

  • Clay Paver

    Clay Paver

    LOPO clay pavers have excellent properties in breaking strength,freeze-thaw resistance,low water absorption. LOPO offers terracotta pavers in different thickness according to required abrasion resistance and breaking loads.

  • Artificial Stone

    Artificial Stone

    LOPO artificial veneers and manufactured stones are environment-friendly, lightweight, clolorfast, easy to install, and can realistically reproduce various textures of stones,bricks and timbers.

  • Flexible Cladding

    Flexible Cladding

    LOPO Flexible Cladding, including flexible brick slips and stone veneer, is ideal for exterior facade and interior wall. Light weight, flexible, and easy to apply.

  • Back Fixing

    Back Fixing

    LOPO provides installation supporting system solutions and back fixing components for terracotta panels and baguettes according to different facade structure and curtain wall design requirements. Various machining services can be provided.