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Corporate News

  • Office Building Project- SWIETOJANSKA Office Center2017-09-12

    This project is consisted of two connected buildings. The two rectangular buildings are lying perpendicularly to each other, so every facade receives adequate sunlight. One building is paralleled to Branicki road and Biała River, with its ground-floor external walls wrapped by dark-gray terracotta panels, and the rest of external walls adopting glass curtains.

  • The School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Guian2017-08-24

    The large school is nestled in the mountains and rivers. In order to create a delightful, elegant and peaceful Chinese school, the designers have chosen white color as the main tone of the entire buildings, and extensively applied architectural terracotta products to the external walls, and used Chinese glazed roof tiles. For example, the classroom buildings and administrative building are decorated with clay thin bricks (W54*L234*T11mm).

  • Office Building Project- Changsha Airport No.12017-08-16

    Terracotta panel and glass are used as the curtain walls for the facades. LOPO 18mm-thick and 450mm-long natural surface terracotta panels are used in this project.

  • Advantages of clay facing brick over thin clay brick2017-07-27

    Clay facing brick has deeper and more variable surface texture, while thin clay bricks’ texture is flat and invariable due to the limitation imposed by its thickness. LOPO’s clay facing bricks are designed with a stronger sense of unevenness in order to improve its artistic expression on external walls.

  • Lopo Facing Brick Applied in Kindergarten Project2017-07-10

    The clay facing bricks were specially customized by the designers for the project, which required LOPO to add two surface processing procedures during its production. After the molding of the terracotta bricks, the trace was pressed on the face by hand and after brick-firing, the face underwent sanding treatment so that the face of the terracotta bricks could have the natural and random grains.

  • Vertically Installed Terracotta Curtain Wall Project – Wanyi Plaza2017-06-24

    The core pavilion of the plaza is a large pavilion with a floor area of 120,000 m2, which looks like a rectangular architectural box. To meet the positioning as a modern, stylistic and delicate shopping mall of home building materials, the conventional architecture is designed to be clothed with colorful and fashionable checkered terracotta architectural facade.

  • Terracotta Cladding Applied In Commercial & Residential Complex2017-06-12

    The overall facade combines creamy-white terracotta plates with glass curtain walls. The residential buildings are enveloped with vertically installed terracotta curtain walls, with the classic mixture of gray and white colors and the thick texture of terracotta plates radiating the temperament of elegance and calmness, therefore balancing the cold expression of the glass curtain walls of the commercial buildings.

  • LOPO Terracotta Facades Applied in Comprehensive Research Institute2017-05-31

    All the buildings in the Base are multistory structures. Gray and scarlet colors are two tones for the buildings. The medium-scale pilot workshop and mass-production workshop are mainly in gray color, and the research and administration building is in scarlet color.

  • LOPO Terracotta Wall Cladding Applied in Vanke Projects2017-05-16

    LOPO China is a strategic partner of Vanke. LOPO supplies clay thin brick, terracotta rainscreen panel and terracotta brick and other products for the residential projects developed by Vanke. Since over a decade ago, LOPO products have been widely applied to Vanke’s real estate projects nationwide as Vanke expands its real estate business.

  • World Bank Group Office Premises2017-04-28

    Architects chose orange and white as the main tones of this project. Such tones are brisk and relaxing, and very suitable for the buildings in the tropic areas. The architects respectively apply terracotta panels, terracotta square baguettes and clay thin bricks to the areas such as external walls, in-room dining area, in-room pillars and garden.

  • Shengjing (Dalian) Women’s and Children’s Hospital2017-04-13

    The facades mainly consist of terracotta rainscreen. Light-beige terracotta panels are extensively used to make the conventional buildings radiating elegance and gentleness. This feature is also in line with hospital buildings with intended purposes of serving mainly women and children.

  • Science and Technology Park of Xin City,Changsha2017-03-25

    The exterior wall materials are dry-hanging terracotta panels, hidden frame glass curtain wall, and vacuum-insulated glass. The facades are divided by creamy-white terracotta panels and charcoal-gray terracotta panels into large-sized sections of different colors, so that the facades look simplistic and integral.

  • Fangu Villas in the Jinlin Compound2017-03-07

    Without an intriguing design, Fangu villas make full use of the terrain features to be serene. The villas’ external walls feature a mixed use of terracotta bricks and panels that are both made of natural clay, creating the harmonious unity with the natural surroundings.

  • The Collocation of Terracotta Panels of the Same Color Category2017-02-12

    When designing terracotta external walls, the architectural designers take full consideration of the rules for using colors so that the buildings will have unique external wall colors. The most frequently used method to design and apply colors is to collocate terracotta panels of the same color category.

  • LOPO Terracotta for Business Building Project2017-01-25

    Business Building Project:Jiangsu Sci-tech and Financial Plaza
    Owner: Jiangsu Jinji Asset Management Co., Ltd
    Constructed by: China Railway Construction Engineering Group
    Product Item: F301877
    Overall QTY: 12000 Square Meters