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Clay paver—Beautiful Architectural Decoration for the Ground

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Clay paver has been used for paving for a long history, it firstly appeared on the street of Europe since the 19th century. After the development of over 1 hundred years, clay paver has been recognized as the best building material for paving by the architects and designers.

Made of natural clay material, and fired at high temperatures (about 1100~1300 degrees) at burning kiln, clay paver has the following advantages comparing to other materials:

1. High Compressive Strength. With a density of more than 2000 KGS/CBM, the compressive strength is no less than natural stone. Clay pavers of different abrasive resistance grade (A1, A2, A3) can be applied in the different area accordingly (garden, courtyard, gazebo or sidewalk, square, carriageway, parking lot etc.), the destructive load of paving bricks can withstand reaching to T0-T4 grade.

2. Great Freeze-thaw Resistance. It can withstand 150-300 changes of  freeze-thaw cycles while the ordinary concrete paving block can be fractured under low temperature.

3. Low Water Absorption (Usually below 6%).

4. Corrosion Resistance (resistant to low concentrations of acids and alkalis), and non-weathering.

5. Long lasting color. The color of clay paver is controlled by proportion of the clay material,  temperature and firing time. The full body of the product is one color. It’s fadeless in different weather conditions.The excellent characteristics of clay paver make it the building material which can be used for more than one hundred years. The early clay pavers used on European streets is still retaining their primitive simplicity and nature after hundred years of vicissitudes. In the design of building and landscape projects, clay paver has been the most important element due to its rich color, various dimensions and laying patterns. Also, it can be harmonious with other building materials when applying in the same area.

Clay paverLOPO is the most professional manufacturer of terracotta products in China. We are capable of producing high quality clay paver with various colors, shapes, dimensions and finishes. LOPO clay paver has natural surface and matte surface (different roughness can be attained according to the requirements of different projects to meet the requirements of slip resistance). The wide range options of color series (including beige, yellow, red, grey, brown and mixed color)  can meet the diverse aesthetic requirements of private and public projects. Our standard clay paver thickness include  12mm,18mm,28mm,30mm,50mm, which have met European standard.

LOPO Clay paverLOPO clay paver can be matched and spliced flexibly in various styles in the practical application, not only can avoid the monotone of the ground, but also can achieve the good visual effect.

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