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LOPO Terracotta Façade Panel Applied in Villa Projects

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As an environmentally-friendly exterior wall material, terracotta façade panel has been widely used in large public buildings (government buildings, hospital, library, school, parking lot etc.) and high-end commercial buildings (apartment, shopping mall, office building etc.). In these large projects, terracotta façade acts as an important exterior wall element that, through its surface texture, color collocation, shape and dimension, creates diverse architectural styles including magnificence or stylishness.

For small architectural projects such as villa, architectural designers previously were likely to prefer traditional exterior wall materials such as clay face brick, marble stone and ceramic tile, as these buildings were small and many were even private projects. However, terracotta panel is very flexible and varied when it comes to design as well as application in exterior walls. As for installation method, mechanical fixing or wet overlaying can be adopted; as for dimension, a variety of conventional dimensions are available, and terracotta panel can be cut as per the projects’ needs; as for visual display, terracotta panel with texture and finish (natural flat, wood grainy, grooved, linear, sanding, corrugated surface) naturally formed in the process of extrusion or with colorful glazed surface can be selected. In villa projects, terracotta cladding can be used to create unique styles for small architectural projects.

LOPO terracotta panel has been applied in many villa projects. Here below are two examples where different styles have been created.

LOPO project

Project: Honghui Diequan Bay Villa (2013)

Location: Fujian, China

Designed by NEXT architects

Product Item: F301876, FG301876

Project QTY: 45000 SQM

Exterior wall cladding

In the exterior walls of this building, the Dutch designer widely applied brown flat-surface terracotta panels and groove-surface terracotta panels, creating an Amsterdam post-modern residential style for this project.

LOPO Terracotta panel project

Project: Yipin Man City Villa (2012)

Location: Shanghai, China

Designed by ECS Engineering Consulting Services GmbH

Product Item: FX5018771

Project QTY: 3200 SQM

Wall cladding

The German designer scattered brown linear-surface terracotta panels in small portion of the villa’s exterior elevation, to add warm color to the private villa, breaking the dullness and tediousness exhibited by stone exterior walls of this building’s main body.