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LOPO Limestone Project- Amber Bay

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Project: Amber Bay

Location: Mtqipanshan resort ,Dongling District,Shenyang City

Quantity:30000 SQM

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Nestled among Mtqipanshan Resort, Dongling District, Shenyang City, the Amber Bay is the first property project developed by Beijing Capital Construction Co., Ltd. Situated on nearly 1 km long natural bank of Hun River from Qipan Mountain and adjacent to two natural lakes, this project covers a site area of 230,000 m2, and a gross floor area of 150,000 m2. To create a high-end environment-friendly villa community, various factors were taken into full consideration during the design and planning of this project, including topography and terrain, current natural and artificial environment and local climates. Featured with architectural style of Germany's medieval towns -- Germanic old bridge, bright-red roof, elegant cultured stone cladding, classic dormer window, lakeside lighthouse -- the entire community is a perfect combination of romance and rigidity, where waterfront townhouses and two-family houses are surrounded by picturesque mountains, offering an atmosphere of European towns 800 years ago.


To create a genuine Germanic ancient-town style, LOPO specially designed limestone cultured-stone veneers for this project. Colors is changing naturally on a single piece of stone, from light brown, dark brown, red brown, beige to weathered white. The stone surface displays the unique gain and weathered roughness of limestone. This project uses the cultured stones with more than 10 dimensions, all in regular rectangular shape, range from 120mm to 390mm in length, 50mm to 220mm in height and 25mm to 50mm in thickness. Stones with different dimensions were randomly stacked during construction to make the building facade look like being stacked one piece after another by simply processed limestone, creating a sense of random but orderly beauty. Every details of the cultured stone cladding, from color to grain and texture, makes the entire project submerged in historical elegance and tranquility of small European towns.

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