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The Oriental Elegance of Interior Decoration--Chinoiserie Artificial Brick

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Originated from America, Artificial stone is quite fashionable in the worldwide nowadays. It has formed a very rich product series after nearly half century’s development. But most of the application of classical artificial stone in interior decoration are go with strong western style, whether the rough sanding surface cultured stone or the natural surface artificial brick. With the popularity of Chinese culture around the world, the characteristics of Chinese element --nature, simplicity, exquisite and elegance have deeply influenced all fields of design life, Chinoiserie Artificial Stone were born at the right moment.


Chinoiserie Artificial Stone applied in the interior wall, partition wall or partly decoration, can create the oriental appeal filled with ecology, nature, connotation and dignified of inner space through the special material and color of Faux stone. From the perspective of Chinese style, there are two classical Chinese elements: one is southern amorous feelings which is presented by the grey-green brick, white wall and landscape architecture. Most colors of grey-green antique brick is gray tone with different depth, the surface is slick or antique looking. With the application of this kind of cultured stone on the wall, and decorated with Chinese classical accessories such as Chinese brush drawing, calligraphy, wall ornaments, etc.can easily build the millennial culture atmosphere and elegance freshness of Chinese southern town.

Faux stone

The other one is Chinese red clay brick wall. “Green tree and red wall” is one of the traditional Chinese style construction. Whether it is the red clay brick wall go through all the vicissitudes of life, the neatly stacked, dignified royal court style or it is the small jasper Chinese courtyard, both can perfectly presented its style and artistic conception by Chinoiserie Artificial Stone.

Red brick

As the “New Chinoiserie” has been popularity gradually, LOPO is also try hard to unscramble Chinese long-standing culture in new perspective. Combined the expression of modern pragmatism and Chinese traditional element, LOPO designed the artificial stone products with Chinoiserie appeal, moreover, LOPO has developed a series of Faux stone products like Chinese characters brick, antique brick, grey-green brick. With wide ranges of texture and rich color gradation, LOPO Artificial stone can provide more inspiration for architects to demonstrate Chinoiserie.

LOPO Cultured brick

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