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LOPO Terracotta Floor Heating System gets 12 patents

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LOPO China is awarded 12 new patents of terracotta floor heating system recently by State Intellectual Property Office of The P.R.C. The patents are including 1 patent for invention, 1 patent for design and 10 patents for utility model.

LOPO has unconventionally combined the terracotta floor tile with heating system to create a brand new floor system with an understructure of multiple channels & double layers. Compared to traditional floor heating system, LOPO floor heating system has below excellent features:

1. Energy Efficiency

LOPO floor system has greatly improved the energy efficiency. The power consumption is less than 0.8 KWH per 1 SQM in 12 hours.

2. Fast Heating-up

The heating-up process is less than 15 minutes (indoor temperature can be reach 30 centigrade in 30minutes) due to better thermal conductivity of LOPO tile and less transmission distance (<12mm). Meanwhile, great function of thermal storage helps to maintain indoor temperature for hours after turning off the system.

3. Easy Installation

LOPO floor system is easily to be installed (12hours for 100SQM). No cement mortar is needed during construction by using dry pavement method. Multiple channels allow freely assemble without more construction on ground structure or pipelines. No further maintenance cost needed once the floor system is installed. It is easy to disassemble and transport.

4. Eco-friendly & Recyclable

LOPO floor system is made of natural clay materials and completely recyclable.