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LOPO terracotta panel applied in educational institution (2)

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Terracotta panel has been widely used in educational institution ever since this special wall cladding material was invented. Excellent functional and decorative features make terracotta panel suited for educational institution like school, college and library.

Firstly, terracotta panel is of great function like sound insulation, water proof, heat insulation, anti-freezing, fireproof etc. Those characteristics are especially important for educational institutions.

Secondly, the colors never fade out due to the environmental-friendly material and high-temperature firing procedure. Besides, the color of terracotta panel is very natural, highly-varied which offers architects more options catering for culture atmosphere.

Thirdly, terracotta panel can be applied in both exterior wall cladding and interior decoration together with constructional materials such as aluminum alloy, glass and terracotta louver to endow a building with distinctive design taste.

LOPO terracotta façade panel has been applied in many educational projects at home and abroad.

Project: Junior Middle School of Qingdao Economic Development Zone

Item NO. FW6018217 Size: 150/250/350/400*1000*18mm

Item NO. F3018003 Size: 300*900*18mm

LOPO terracotta panel with wooded surface give the building a lively and vivid character. Different color rhythms mixed together like thousand of dexterous hands presenting a passionate “the dance of youth”.

Variety colors of wood surface series can fully inspire architects for more unique creation.

wood grainy texture panelterracotta facade applied in education project

Project:First Middle School of Jinjiang

Item NO.F3018003 Size: 300*900*18mm

Item NO.F4518003 Size: 450*900*18mm

Item NO.F3018635 Size: 300*900*18mm

Item NO.F4518635 Size: 450*900*18mm

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