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Antique Brick Project--Twenty-Four City Sales Center

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Antique Brick Project--Twenty-Four City Sales Center

Shenyang CR Land Twenty-Four City Sales Center

Owner: CR Land (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

Architect: Tianhua Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd.

LOPO Terracotta Louver: T50150636

LOPO Terracotta Brick: WX6341

terracotta architectural products

Different from most modernly designed sales centers nowadays, Shenyang CR Land Twenty-Four City Sales is designed in a new style that showcases “old city renewal”. Terracotta architectural products is selected to be applied to the internal and external walls of the architectures in this project, because only such material can retain the “red brick factory” beauty of this old industrial base in Shenyang.

antique brick

The main buildings of the Sales Center are designed in European style, with both the facade structure and lines radiating classic beauty. The facade is decorated with LOPO red-color handmade terracotta bricks. In order to achieve an exquisite design effect, 9 kinds of bricks with different thickness and length are made specifically for this project, and used as horizontally-laid bricks or corner bricks at the windowsill, door arch, door pillar, porch, etc., creating unique facade textures and patterns. This kind of antique brick is handmade and unique. On the surface of the bricks there are not only the naturally formed uneven grains, but also colors that change naturally in the intensity. As the afternoon sunshine pours upon the long porch with consecutive arches, the light and shade cast by the architecture will make you assume that you were in an old building in Europe. clay thin brick

The interior walls are all decorated with the clay bricks of the same specification, achieving the uniform wall decoration effect internally and externally. The interior furnishings such as furniture, floors and lights are designed with modern style, in great contrast to the classic red-brick porch, therefore making the interior space of the Sales Center to have a culturally-rich atmosphere. This is in line with the exquisiteness of the upscale project.

handmade brick

lopo clay tile

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