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Archives Building -- China Resources Archives

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With a site area of 4,600 square meters and a floor area of 9,671.8 square meters, China Resources Archives consists of archives room, showroom, business & technological services room and other functional spaces. Located at the Southern Campus of China Resources University, it is China Resources Company’s (“CRC”) first specific and modern archives architecture. The construction branch (south China region) of the Construction Business Unit under China Resources Land Limited (“CRLand”) is acting as the EPC contractor for this project, including civil engineering, electro mechanics and curtain walls, while the decoration branch (southern China region) of the Construction Business Unit under CRLand is responsible for refined interior design for this project. Once the project is completed, it will present the track of development and memorable moments for CRC in the past 80 years, and meet the demand for archives storage for CRC in the next 50 years.

terracotta curtain bricks

China Resources Archives’s Cyan-blue Terracotta Bricks

Situated in the hillside at Xiaojin Bay, China Resources Archives is designed with the style of “Stepped Stack” by following the mountainous terrain. With stunning sea view, this architecture adds the finishing touch to the nearby teaching areas of China Resources University. This architecture is destined to bridge the past to the future. The architects select the cyan-blue terracotta curtain bricks and the brushed concrete as the exterior wall decoration materials. Furthermore, designers lay out the pewter panels of different color intensity in diverse manners, creating a unique texture for each facade of the architecture. As a result, this simplistic yet unique design makes this architecture a perfect combination of historic glamor and modern and cool simplicity.

clay facing bricks

China Resources Archives’s Exterior Walls with Concave-convex Pewter Bricks Facade

This is the second time LOPO is engaged in the second-phase construction project of China Resources University, after participating in the China Resources University project. Although this current project does not have a large exterior wall area (around 2,400 SQM in total), the architects are still on hand with CRC’s craftsman spirit, raising stringent requirements for this project. LOPO has designed 7 sets of molds and manufactured 12 sizes of clay bricks, and through accurate temperature control, fired 3 series of pewter bricks of different color density. Consequently, LOPO has successfully met the requirement for sophisticated textures of exterior walls for this project.

terracotta bricks

China Resources Archives’s Cyan-blue Terracotta Bricks (Night View)

clay facing brick
China Resources Archives (East)

lopo clay bricks

China Resources Archives’s Cyan-blue Terracotta Bricks (close-up)

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