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The Collocation of Terracotta Panels of the Same Color Category

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External wall colors can vitalize the building itself, make the building serene, elegant or flowing, and create a sense of beauty. The buildings’ external wall colors become richer as our world is developing and people’s aesthetic appreciation is increasingly improved. When designing terracotta external walls, the architectural designers take full consideration of the rules for using colors so that the buildings will have unique external wall colors. The most frequently used method to design and apply colors is to collocate terracotta panels of the same color category. 

Shangfenggang Times Plaza, Chengdu City, China

It is a large leisure and shopping center. The architectural designers select terracotta panels of three colors (coral red, dark red, brownish red) that belong to the same category, and randomly collocate and apply those panels to the lower facades of the buildings. Red colors create warm and pleasant atmosphere for the plaza, meeting the color preference of the people in Sichuan Province. Red colors of three different intensities vitalize the building facades, and go well along with the gray color of the building’s higher external walls and glass.

LOPO terracotta facade

Sales Center for Vanke Lanshan Residential Buildings, Dalian City, China

The architectural designers select LOPO’s wet-cladding terracotta panels (light terracotta panels) as the external wall material for the sales center. The designers select terracotta panels of three colors (brown, light brownish gray, dark brownish gray) that belong to the same category, and randomly collocate those panels to highlight the high-end image of the commercial buildings. To balance the relatively dark colors of this small building, the designers select small-sized terracotta panels (192mm wide × 600mm long) instead of conventional-sized panels to make the entire building become exquisite.

terracotta panel

City Hall Renovation Project, Pingtan City, China

The project is the renovation of an office building for Civil Engineering Bureau of Pingtan City, China. The designers select terracotta panels of two colors (Champagne-yellow, beige) that belong to the same category. Beige color is used as the basic tune in the most areas of the building’s facades, while champagne-yellow color is independently used on the pole and frame portion of the building’s facades to outline this building. Such two colors go well along with each other, meeting the solemn and steadfast temperament of a government building.

terracotta external walls

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