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LOPO Special Shaped Terracotta Elements Customized for Interior Application

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Architectural terracotta facade panels feature unique texture and clay beauty that no other materials can replace. With the inspiration of architects, through the use of different forms and structures, they can often render refreshing architectural effects. LOPO China work closely with architects to co-design and co-develop some special ceramic shapes for specific projects. With continuous experiment and exploration of new materials and craftsmanship, LOPO aims to provide the right fit to support designers' bold and innovative designs in architecture.

Front Facade of X Museum.jpg

Project: X MUSEUM (Interior Facade Application)

Designed by: TEMP Architects

Indoor exhibition area: 2500 square meters

Located in the CuiGeZhuang International Financial Art Demonstration Area in Beijing, the X MUSEUM, a low-rise dark gray building, was open to the public earlier this year. It was renowned as "one of the three art museums you shall never miss in 2020" by a Japanese magazine. At the center of the building facade is an X-shape, metal-frame LOGO, which leaves a strong visual impact on visitors from the very beginning.

Special Shaped Terracotta Elements.jpg

When it comes to the interior design of the museum, designers hope to break away from the conventional exhibition mode of contemporary art and no longer make the interior wall of the exhibition hall a white plane, which is tedious. Meanwhile, the designers hope to factor in the functionality and convenience of hanging art works indoor while ensuring the beauty of the wall. Finally, the Art Museum chose custom-designed, jagged terracotta facade variations with horizontal stripes from LOPO. Heteromorphic elements made of natural clay, with a width of 60 cm and a height of 10 cm, are stacked on the walls surrounding the exhibition hall. This type of facade texture works in combination with the movable hook designed by the designers, which can satisfy the needs of hanging art works at different heights without damaging the wall.

Custom Terracotta wall.jpg

The designers custom flat and semi-arc shaped terracotta decorative pieces to fit in the interior structure. The flat elements used on the single wall and the curved elements used at the corner of the wall are smoothly connected, forming flowing lines in the indoor space. These lines echo with the horizontal lines of the whole building, forming a unified field in the interior. When the light cast on those terracotta elements, a special light and shadow pattern is achieved: different gray tones are projected on the wall. It fits perfectly with the sober and calm vibe of the entire museum and interact with the exhibits in an entertaining way.

LOPO Cutom Terracotta Elements in flat and curved shapes.jpg

Grey Terracotta Element.jpg

X Museum interor decoration.jpg

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