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Dimensions of LOPO Terracotta Tiles

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In designing an elevation of a building, the designers often have to choose terracotta tiles of different dimensions based on the structures and appearance of the elevation. LOPO terracotta tiles are normally 150mm-800mm wide and 250mm-1500mm long (as is shown in the picture below), but are also available in special dimensions. LOPO can meet the complex requirement of large or special projects concerning the dimensions of terracotta tiles, by producing customized tiles according to the design needs and by cutting the tiles into desired dimensions at our plant.

terracotta dimension

LOPO Project Cases

The Classroom Building of Jinjiang No.1 High School

In case of applying terracotta tiles of the same color throughout the whole elevation, special attention must paid to different structures of the elevation, such as window frames, beams, edges, and wall frames. So terracotta tiles of different dimensions can be used to maintain the uniformity and consistency throughout the elevation. Take the classroom building of Jinjiang No.1 High School as an example, creamy-white flat terracotta panels are used for this building. 300mm wide tiles and 450mm wide tiles are respectively used in the most areas of the elevations and the window frames. The overall building is visually consistent and symmetric. 

terracotta panel

Indoor Swimming Center, Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University

As a historic and famous university located in Southeast coast of China, the campuses of Xiamen University in early years feature traditional red clay bricks, which is the typical architectural style specific to the southern regions of Fujian Province. Therefore, when designing the external walls of the buildings at its new campus, the architectural designers wish to make innovation while complying with the architectural style of the university’s old campuses. Finally, the designers choose terracotta panel as the external wall material because it is as natural and environment-friendly as traditional clay brick. The new campus is applied with terracotta tiles of a smaller dimension (120mm wide * 300mm long) that are much smaller  than normal terracotta tiles but nearly double the dimension of traditional red clay bricks. With such terracotta panels used extensively across the external walls, the new campus is extraordinarily charm and elegant, without loosing the characteristics of the red-brick old campus.

red caly brick

Yucai Junior High School of Qingdao Economic Development Zone

To avoid the terracotta curtain walls from being too stiff-looking, the designers choose LOPO wood-grain terracotta tile to achieve the effect of a fairy-like forest hut. Furthermore, the designers design light-red and sandy-yellow tiles both in four different widths: 150mm, 250mm, 350mm and 400mm. Those panels of different colors and widths are randomly arranged to create very natural and rick wood-grain patterns on the surface of the building’s elevation, therefore making the building lively.

terracott tile

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