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Clay bricks, being the building materials with the longest history, have been demonstrating continuous dynamism and vitality in today's building and construction industry. Clay facade brick’s unique features and wonderful design flexibility brings endless inspiration to the architects.

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In terms of its visual presentation, compared with metal or glass curtain walls, LOPO Facing Brick can exhibit different facade appearances which can be a good fit for architectural surfaces with various masonry methods. Additionally, it can be used in combination with other materials, such as glass bricks to enhance the facade and spatial effect. Whether it is used in modern or traditional style buildings, this product offers architects greater flexibility and freedom.

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In modern construction, facing bricks are more likely to be used as non-structural surface skinning. The facing bricks are fixed in the following method: through bricklaying, a brick wall with certain thickness is formed. Then, it connects with the main structure of the building by metal connecting pieces or pre-embedded steel bars and thus come as a whole. The facing bricks could be used as solid bricks or perforated bricks. The horizontal rebars and vertical rebars reinforce its structure, improve its ductility, ensure safety and stability, and possesses good anti-seismic performance.

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As a professional manufacturer of terracotta exterior facade materials for nearly 2 decades, LOPO is committed to producing high-quality, high-end terracotta facing bricks. Our facing bricks are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from red, white, grey, yellow and brown to metallic color or even carbon black. In terms of the surface texture, we provide natural smooth surface, frosted surface, rough surface and other conventional surface, as well as a variety of customized handmade surfaces. As for the shape, both facing bricks of different length and width proportions, and special long facing bricks are available. The rich color, shape and surface texture combined with different masonry techniques and mortar colors offers numerous possibilities for the styling of the building facade.

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Other advantages of LOPO Facing Brick:

1. Low water absorption and good weather resistance. Whether it is applied in regions with high temperature or extremely cold temperature, it is the best facade material.

2. It possesses good compressive strength, making it durable with low maintenance costs.

3. Good thermal insulation can save the building’s energy consumption.

4. The high temperature (over 1000 degrees) firing makes it absolutely fireproof.

5. It features durable color and will never fade in the atmospheric environment.

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