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LOPO Flexible Cladding Application Method

Useful Information


1. Mark out with string lines on the wall area. Apply max.1 SQM adhesive with a notched trowel, or directly apply the adhesive on the back of the flexible brick slips with at least 80% of the back surface covered. Thickness of the adhesive layer should be around 2-3 mm.


2. Embed the flexible brick slips fully into the freshly applied adhesive and leave 8-12mm wide joints between the brick slips. To pat the surface evenly with a rubber slab and make sure the edges of the brick slips are fully coated with the adhesive.


3. Grouting. Make sure all the joints between brick slips are thoroughly grouted and sealed.


4. Recess the Joints when the grout is half dry.


5. Use dry brush or small blade to remove the excess adhesive or grout left on the surface when they are half dry.