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Handmade Long Format Brick Creating A Lasting Impression For Korea Historical Site

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This is a small historical site in Seoul, South Korea. Its history can be traced back to 5 or 6 centuries ago. The project pictures showcases part of the cultural heritage that is above the ground. In 2018, the facade of this site was renovated.

Flame color long brick.jpg

When it comes to the renovation, the project adopted LOPO long format bricks as the exterior cladding material. The main tone of this long brick is like the flame, which includes three hues with 3 shades (dark, medium and light). Built on this basis, each brick's surface presents a different intermediate color. 

handmade long format brick.jpg

This unique color spectrum, combined with the hand-formed embossed terracotta texture, creates a brick facade with a particularly rich variety of colors and rhythms. This helps the small-sized exhibition hall, which is located on the corner of the street, stand out from the dreary surroundings of black, white and gray, while restoring the sense of history and culture. It also renders the vitality of a contemporary architecture.

bar shape brick.jpg

With the extra slim long shape, these bricks have become the new favorite of architects. When these bar shape bricks are stacked or staggered with the same or different lengths, a single color or mixed colors, they highlight the wall with a unique sense of design. Long brick made of natural terracotta are superior to concrete products in terms of architectural visual expression, product texture and durability. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly. Whether it is used for a commercial facade or a residential interior wall decoration project, this type of product is an ideal choice. The designers only need to choose the thickness of the bricks (either long thin brick slip or facing brick) according to the design requirements of the facade. Regardless of its thickness, the length of the clink brick can be customized within the range of 550 cm.

extra slim long facing brick.jpg

Architects usually hope that the surfaces of the long brick can demonstrate the texture and color they need, and LOPO's hand-made long brick can fully satisfy these requirements. Whether you want a "used look", a modern feel or customized patterns, we can deliver the desired result by handmade long bricks for you.

hand-formed long shape brick.jpg

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