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Joy City Tianfu

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LOPO Terracotta Project: Joy City Tianfu

Architects: 5+design,ACLA

Glazed Terracotta: Special Shape, W600*T57 mm

Glazed Baguette: Square Cross Section, W200*T100 mm

Located in the central business district of Tianfu Headquarters, east of Tianfu Park, Joy City Tianfu hosts various commercial forms such as shopping malls and offices. With a floor area of 144,000 square meters, the shopping mall is planned with three underground floors and seven aboveground floors. Joy City is the core component of COFCO Group’s urban complexes. Following its brand positioning of “Youthful, Fashionable, Trendy and Tasteful”, the project aims to create a new cultural landmark that is fashionable and trend-setting, natural and eco-friendly, and technologically and intellectually engaging.

The overall design of the project is the product of close partnership among well-renowned domestic and international designers. Based on the organic integration of urban culture, nature and ecology, and inspired by exploring the secret canyon in the urban forest, the project simulates the marvelous form of canyons in nature through its architectural language. Spaces and landscapes with unique features are skillfully integrated into each traffic flow of the shopping mall, guiding visitors’ final arrival at the theme park while rendering customers with a wonderful and interesting shopping experience.

In terms of architectural design, Joy City Tianfu adopts the design structure of multiple first floors, sky corridors and set-back platforms. It breaks away from the traditional closed façade design of shopping malls, and makes compromise in the commercial area, presenting an 8,000-square-meter public space of nearly 30 meters in height in the open air of L4-L7, which is bright with a broad view. The multi-story staggered open-air terraces, together with the carefully designed landscape and business forms, present a social area with a unique vibe and tone that blends perfectly into the CBD area.

Taking a closer look at the building façade, the architects plan an 800-meter-long red floating belt, linking the main entrance and the terrace. The red color scheme of COFCO is chosen to present a unique architectural appearance with minimalist and powerful lines. The project's multi-story open-air terraces are clad with yellow glazed terracotta panels and  terracotta baguette by LOPO. LOPO custom-made corrugated glazed terracotta with irregular shapes ande prepared various curved panels to match the curved facade of the terraces on each level. The smooth architectural lines, together with the bright and vivid façade colors, render a fashionable and lively vibe to this open area.

Joy City Tianfu.jpg

Multi-story open-air terraces in glazed Terracotta .jpg

The multi-story staggered open-air terraces.jpg

Top floor design of Joy City commercial center.jpg

glazed terracotta baguettes for Joy City.jpg

smooth architectural lines in special terracotta.jpg

various curved panels to match curved facades.jpg

Glazed Yellow Facades Materialfor shopping center.jpg

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