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Installation System of LOPO Terracotta Baguette

Useful Information

Terracotta square baguette is the most common baguette type widely used in window areas or as design elements. They are usually installed by back fixing system or side fixing system according to the requirement of specific project.

Back fixing system

The baguette should be drilled on the back side and fixed by back bolt through inside and outside of the baguette body. This system is non-removable once fixed. It requires a preprocessing on the baguette before installation.

terracotta square baguette

Side fixing system

Side fixing system requires removable side clips fixed on the vertical rail. Additional aluminum inserts for more security when using on exterior wall.

Aluminum fixing clip

The engagement angle clips are inserted into the side bracket fixed on the vertical rail. It’s easy to remove single piece when needed.

terracotta louver

Stainless steel fixing clip

The engagement angle clips are fixed directly on the vertical rail. Loosen the screws when remove the baguette.

terracotta baguette installation

More terracotta baguettes and louvers details for mounting system are available on request.