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LOPO Terracotta Facade for Educational Project

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Project: Qingdao Westcoast Vocational Education Group Training Center

Owner: Qingdao Westcoast Vocational Education Group Co.,Ltd

Location: Qingdao XinAn, Shandong Province

LOPO terracotta panel quantity: 4500SQM

Item no.: F4521634,F45210031,F4521889

Dimension: 450*900*21mm

Curtain wall facade

As a leading state-owned educational group in China, Qingdao Westcoast Vocational Education Group Co.,Ltd takes charge of the construction and operation of nearly 60 basic education projects and key higher education projects across China. These projects are planned and designed in accordance with German building concepts and green building standards, in order to meet the higher demand in sustainability and environment-friendliness as required by contemporary building design.

Lopo Terracotta facade

Qingdao Westcoast Vocational Education Group Training Center is the biggest one among the first-batch of projects completed by this company. This Center has a construction area of 23,000 square meters, and consists of a multi-use building, a classroom building, and an outsourcing training center, supplemented by facilities such as an auditorium, canteen, multimedia room, playground. This Center has 36 classrooms, 11 multi-functional rooms, and can provide accommodation for 800 students at the same time.

Terracotta facade panel

The external walls are designed to mainly consist of terracotta curtain walls and glass curtain walls. On the preconditions that the overall functions and layouts of the buildings are fixed, the façades are designed with concave and convex surfaces, and are geometrically divided by using curtain walls of different materials and colors, so that the buildings become livelier and offer non-repetitive visual experience when looking from whichever angle.

Terracotta rainscreen

For the buildings, the designers mainly use creamy-white terracotta panels, supplemented by red terracotta panels. The red terracotta tiles are used as ornaments in some specific areas of the buildings on an irregularly basis, such as bay window, entrance, corridor. The combination of red and white terracotta panels and light-blue glass enable the buildings to generate harmonious and pleasing colors, which brings elegant and solemn temperament specific to traditional education projects, while delivering positive and bright atmosphere.

exterior wall cladding

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