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LOPO Terracotta Facade for Research and Innovation Base

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Qingshan Lake Sci-tech Innovation Center

OwnerSecond Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China

Designed byArchitecture Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., Zhejiang Province

Constructed byZhongnan Construction Group

Terracotta façade panel quantity8000SQM


LOPO China

With the project area of around 574,000 square feet, Qingshan Lake Sci-tech Innovation Center is a scientific research center recently set up by Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China. This center is under construction, and will consists of India Ocean Operational Oceanographic Research Center, and Sci-tech Research Center. The Phase I is Sci-tech Research Center that will be put into use on mid 2017, equipped with a building for scientific research analysis and test, a building for forecast and coping, a building for sample storage, and a parking garage.

wall facade

As a national comprehensive non-profit oceanographic institution, this project is conservatively designed with solemnity and calmness specific to a public building for academic research. Its facade features a roof with dark-grey glazed tiles, and light-color external walls, both of which are typically applied to Chinese Suzhou-style buildings. The buildings adopts light-yellow color as their primary color, and their external walls are covered with architectural terracotta that are surrounded by aluminum trim plates.

terracotta rainscreen

Located right in the center is a building with a semi-circular entrance. On either side of the entrance surrounds four small curved surfaces with glass in between. Such disorderly curved surfaces can bring liveliness and softness to the solemn main building. Looking from afar, this building is just like an oceanic ship being held by two hands, and therefore is consistent to the purposes of the oceanographic institution.

exterior wall cladding

Annex building’s facade is designed with accordion-like poles and walls covered by light-yellow terracotta panels that, together with louvers of the same color in front of the curtain walls, draws a clear and tidy vertical lines, therefore making the building more magnificent.

LOPO terracotta panel

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