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Shengjing (Dalian) Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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Business Building Project: Shengjing (Dalian) Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

Product Item: F4518001

Dimensions: 450x900x18mm

Overall QTY: 30000 SQM

Shengjing (Dalian) Women’s and Children’s Hospital, situated in Dalian Digital and DNA development zone, is a not-for-profit hospital established with RMB 400 million by Jinpu New District government. With an area of 45,900 m2 and a gross floor area of 69,000 m2, the hospital is focused on obstetrics and gynecology, and paediatrics, equipped with high-end maternity ward and rendering considerate services. The hospital buildings are divided into 5 sections, with 500 beds available at the moment.

terracotta rainscreen

Located in picturesque Dayao Bay and Xiaoyao Bay in Dalian city, the hospital mainly consists of 3-6 story low-rise buildings interconnected by passages. This buildings feature the architectural style of Chinese conventional government-sponsored projects. The buildings’ main bodies emphasize functionality and pragmatism, while their facades are designed to be low-profile and stern. The facades are in simple European style. Eaves, roof windows, and the facade’s horizontal lines can give a glimpse.

lopo terracotta panel

The facades mainly consist of terracotta rainscreen. Light-beige terracotta panels are extensively used to make the conventional buildings radiating elegance and gentleness. This feature is also in line with hospital buildings with intended purposes of serving mainly women and children.

exterior wall cladding

This is the fifth public building project that uses terracotta facade in Dalian Digital and DNA development zone. As an environment-friendly and energy-saving product, terracotta rainscreen product have unrivaled advantages in visual expression and functionality, compared with conventional curtain wall materials such as stone, glass and aluminum alloys. Against the backdrop of “Green China”, terracotta panels will be more widely used in China’s public projects such as hospitals, schools and government buildings.

wall material

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