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LOPO Colors and Finishes

Useful Information

LOPO terracotta product is formed by natural clay extrusion and fired under high temperature. Pottery clay features with natural chemical elements, mineral composition and process characterization. Colors of terracotta are formed by specific chemical elements contained in clay entering into chemical reaction due to high temperatures. Different colors of terracotta can be achieved by adjusting the ratio of chemical elements (by changing the mixing ratio of clay material of different colors) and by adjusting temperatures. Except a few special colors (such as bright colors), LOPO terracotta facade have natural and warm colors that can last for a century, without adding any color additives.

As modern architectures have higher and higher demands of color matching and diversity, architectural designers have more expectation for colors of terracotta façade product. Except natural unglazed finishes, LOPO also provide highly-customized glazing finishes based on the diversity of the RAL color shade. With its expertise in firing techniques and mixing methods, LOPO can offer unlimited color options for architectural designers.