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Textures of LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel

Useful Information

Regarding the terracotta panel products formed by natural clay extrusion, textured finish is a very important design element for modern architecture.

Different customers have different preferences for terracotta panel texture. However, LOPO China can well meets either the needs of natural clay surface preferred by European and American designers, or the fine uniform texture advocated by Japanese designers. LOPO has advanced raw material grinding equipment, which can realize different fine surface effects according to customers’ requirements. The grind fineness of LOPO terracotta panels’ raw material can reach 60 meshes (about 0.25 mm).

LOPO terracotta panel product series are of 5 kinds of standard textures: Natural(Boned), Frosted(Sandblasted), Linear, Grooved(Combed) and Corrugated. Each surface can be glazed in different colors or textures according to customer's requirements. The standard textures come in a range of designs including:

Textures LOPO Standard Textures LOPO Special Textures
natural texture
natural surface wood grainy texture
wood grainy texture sandblasted texture sandblasted texture
linear texture linear texture strip texture
special linear texture grooved texture grooved texture
special grooved texture terracotta corrugated texture terracotta facade corrugated texture