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Why LOPO Terracotta Panel?

Useful Information

Currently there are more than 25 terracotta facade panel manufacturers from all over the world, which is including not only well-known companies like MOEDING, NBK, ARGETON etc., but also emerging companies from China, Vietnam. LOPO, a leading manufacturer in domestic market, has a remarkable comprehensive strength among those new stars.

Advantages of Raw Materials

1. High quality and stable material sources

The production base of LOPO Terracotta Panel is located in Changtai County, Fujian Province, with rich high-quality clay resources around, ensuring high quality of LOPO Terracotta Panel and the product quality’s stability.

2. The largest indoor and outdoor raw material yards in domestic China

High quality terracotta panels have high requirements on natural staling time of the clay raw materials (at least half a year). LOPO has indoor and outdoor material yards and warehouses covering an area of about 100,000 square meters, and each raw materials’ storage can lasts for over 0.5~1 years, which ensures the natural staling time the raw materials need.

3. Completed facilities for material preparation

The company is the only terracotta panel manufacturer domestically equipped with the largest scale raw material crushing and gradation processing equipment, which ensures the clay raw materials meet strict particle fineness requirements; the company has 115 storage tanks with total reserves of 7,000 tons of raw material powder, and uses computers for fully automatic dosing; during the pre-production material storage stage, the material storage warehouse with constant temperature and humidity settings ensures the stability of various physical and chemical properties of the clay during production process, and accordingly guarantees production stability and mass production requirements to the utmost extent.

Advantages of Manufacturing

1. The longest kiln production line in domestic China

Domestically, LOPO has the longest dry kiln and burning kiln production lines(85 meters+ 260 meters). The facility has not only an extended length, but also the optimal settings to ensure the product’s moist-removing and heating evenly and stably, based on the terracotta panel product’s large surface feature. LOPO ’s roller kiln is equipped with 420 groups of low-temperature, middle-temperature and high-temperature kiln nozzles(the longest and most in domestic China), and the drying and burning last for more than 11 hours, which ensures the burnt product’s various performance indicators. Especially the indicators like the terracotta panel’s water absorption (3%~6%), and compression strength are better than equivalent products. 

2. Complete after-processing ability

The company not only possesses an automatic cutting processing line, but also has 15 independent cutting machines. Terracotta panels of unified specifications can be sent to automatic cutting processing line for cutting right after being qualified after the kiln burning process, which effectively ensures the product’s precision. For some products that need special processing or have a small quantity for each size, they can be classified and processed by specially-assigned persons using independent cutting machines, which can make sure the delivery efficiency of products in different sizes in a same project processed at the same time.

3. The industry’s leading production capacity

LOPO now owns key equipment including six vacuum extruders imported from Italy, two low-speed 80-meter five-layer drying kilns, and two 260-meter-long roller kilns, etc. Now LOPO’s terracotta production capacity reaches 1.5 million square meters, making it the biggest production base of terracotta panels in domestic China, with the industry’s shortest production cycle and with the ability to faster meet customers’ requirements.

Advantages of Technology

1. Talent resources and R&D ability

Now LOPO has many experts from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute leading the research and development of technique and technology, and a group of technicians with rich experience in extruded terracotta production. LOPO’s chairman Mr. Peng Xinghua is just an expert in kiln channel design, with over 20 years’ experience in terracotta-making field.

The professional R&D team enables LOPO to develop and innovate constantly. The radiant floor heating product and wood-grain terracotta panel series of products are all the industry’s pioneer products. LOPO is capable to provide customized terracotta product with different shapes and dimensions.

2. Complete inspection and QA measures

The company has set up rigorous measures for process tracking, inspection and feedback, and has also established a terracotta panel test room, to make sure the controllability and stability of the product quality. During every production stage, there are special QC staff to inspect each terracotta panel’s appearance and dimensions(including indicators such as flatness, edge straightness, width dimension, etc.) ; there are special QC staff to constantly match and control the product colors, to make sure the product color consistency under stable firing temperature curve; professional QC staff will do regular inspection of various physical and chemical performance indicators, to realize all-around control of the terracotta panel’s product quality.