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Xiuwen Stadium In LOPO Rainscreen Facade

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Project: Xiuwen Sports Center

Architects: Sichuan Zhongheng Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Location: Longchang Town, Xiuwen County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

LOPO Rainscreen Panels: 22mm thickness, Facing Height 600mm 

                                           (Total QTY: 14000 SQM)

Stadium Terracotta Rainscreen Solution.jpg

As a small sports complex with a total of 4,839 seats, this project features a comprehensive set of supporting facilities, such as a football field, a high jump field, an athletic track, a shot put field, a clinic, a table tennis room, and a billiard room and etc. The total area of the project is approximately 40,658.70 square meters, with a total floorage of 13,308.66 square meters. The project is the first public stadium in Xiuwen County.

Creamy white terracotta rainscreen facade for stadium project.jpg

As a county-level stadium, Xiuwen Sports Center does not blindly pursue the comprehensiveness of its functions and uniqueness of its shape, instead, its design centers around practical functions. The project adopts an open architectural form, abandoning the dull and bulky design of many traditional stadiums. It harmonizes the auditorium and the building's façade, forming an open platform closely connected with the spectators stand. The main body of the sports center is a three-story steel structure frame. Its oval nest shaped structure makes the overall architectural design style modern and concise.

White Clay Rainscreen System for Interior Stadium Wall  .jpg

The roof of the stadium is made of gray profiled steel, whereas its interior and exterior facades mainly adopt creamy white terracotta panels as wall decoration materials. Red engobe terracotta are applied to decorate certain parts of the exterior wall, adding a sense of vitality to the overall building whose tone is dominated largely by gray and white.

Red Engobe Terracotta Curtain Wall System.jpg

Choosing terracotta curtain wall system as the façade material of the stadium provides good thermal insulation for the wall structure of the stadium building. In an open space like Xiuwen Sports Center, the design of the ventilation structure behind the terracotta siding can effectively minimize the adverse impact on the building brought by rain and snow.

Terracotta Building Facade System Applied in Sport Center.jpg

For enclosed stadiums, the terracotta rainscreen curtain wall system can provide heat insulation, improving the comfort of the indoor environment while reducing the energy consumption of the building. Meanwhile, modern stadiums often use various metal materials for building facades to achieve a variety of novel facade modeling needs. However, based on the requirements of the project's building facade structure, it is also possible to customize the terracotta facings and supporting systems to fulfill more complex requirements for the architectural modeling of the stadium.

Ventilated Rainscreen Facade for open and enclosed stadiums.jpg

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