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Fangu Villas in the Jinlin Compound

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A Summer Leisure Time at a Pavilion

By: Gao Pian in Tang Dynasty (618 AD - 907 AD)

In a hot summer day,

I saw villas nestled among lush trees,

casting their breathtaking images in the adjacent lake.

Suddenly the water was stirred by a valley breeze,

That spread multiflora rose fragrance throughout the courtyard.  

This poem, written more than 1000 years ago, describes a leisure life in a mountainous area in a summer. That is what Fangu Villas in the Jinlin Compound intend to offer. Fangu Villas is situated at the foot of Longtou Mountain, adjacent to Qiangang Mountain and near Guangzhou Scientific City, Luogang District, Guangzhou. The villas are nestled among lush trees, with a sweeping view of the mountain and overlooking the crystal-clear spring-fed lake.

terracotta panel

“Fangu” literally means “ ordinary valley”. The architectural designers wish to immerse the villas in the tranquil mountain and lake. For this purpose, all of the villas have been constructed based on terrain features in the valley. Each villa constitutes a piece of scenery.

wall facade panel

Without an intriguing design, Fangu villas make full use of the terrain features to be serene. The villas’ external walls feature a mixed use of terracotta bricks and panels that are both made of natural clay, creating the harmonious unity with the natural surroundings.
terracotta brick

Harmonious colors and low profile are created by small pieces of light-brown and dark-brown terracotta bricks that collocate with creamy-white terracotta panels. Those creamy-white terracotta panels are glazed with some light grey-blue dots, making the external walls more simplistic, exquisite and elegant.

LOPO terracotta tile

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