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LOPO Terracotta Panels Project - TM Office Building

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Project: TM International Office Building in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Developer: Jiangxi Cultural Real Estate Development Company

LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel: F3022232/F4022232/F4522232/F402276/F452276

Total QTY: 12000 SQM

terracotta panels

The project is located in the Gaoxin Avenue, south of Jiangxi Provincial Art Center, Nanchang City. It is surrounded by Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum, Jiangxi Arts Center, Jiangxi Art Theatre and other important cultural and art projects in Jiangxi Province.

Covering an area of 16,400 square meters, this project has an overall floorage of 80,000 square meters. It is mainly used as commercial property and office buildings. The first three floors of the 23-floor complex are commercial podiums while the 4th - 23rd floors are office buildings.

terracotta curtain wall

The main body of the building consists of a combination of several rectangle structures. The designer divides the overall facade by using apricot and brown terracotta panels separately and in large areas in different facade areas. Viewing from different angles, different visual effects can be achieved, and the use of terracotta plates of similar colors also highlights its simplicity and elegance.

terracotta facade building

In the recent decade, a growing number of commercial projects have been switching from traditional stone, glass or aluminum alloy curtain walls to more eco-friendly terracotta curtain walls. LOPO China partners with designers from both home and abroad in many business projects. Despite the fact that terracotta facade products have been used for thousands of years, the development of modern kiln firing technology and curtain wall systems bring infinite creativity. Whether it's a natural surface with a mild terracotta texture or a glamorous glaze, you can find harmonious or contrasting color expression in thousands of color combinations. Whether it’s a minimalist modern office building or a business center with complex profiling and structure, you can always find customized surface texture and structured terracotta cladding tiles as the perfect match.

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Good architectural design should can’t survive without quality cladding materials. LOPO Terracotta panels, customized as they are, are here for the design.

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