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The Textures of LOPO Clay Tile

Useful Information

LOPO Clay Tile has been used as a primary building material all over the world. It is one of the leading cladding materials used in residential and commercial structures.

LOPO clay tile takes excellent clay as the raw materials, and is formed by vacuum extrusion and fired by tunnel kiln. It is featured in good color and various textures which never fade and quite attractive.

In order to meet the modern architect requirements of Clay Tile textures. For many years, LOPO has developed various textures of Clay Brick which including Restored Texture, Natural Flat, Zephyr Texture, Matta Texture, Linear Texture, Frosted Texture, Handmade Texture and Special Texture. LOPO Clay Tile’s modular textures give it a level of design flexibility no found with other materials.

LOPO’s Clay Brick textures have the feature of plain, natural. Every texture is agglomerated with LOPO’s distinctive foresight. It not only motivates the designers’ source of inspiration, but also brings the culture connotation for your household environment.