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Artificial Stone LPS-01

Artificial Stone LPS-01

Item No.: LPS-01

Material: Aggregate Materials (Clay, Cement etc)

Size: Per Mold, Customized

Usage: Decoration Wall Cladding

Artificial Stone LPS-01 introduction

Product Specification
Item NO.: LPS-01
Material: Aggregate Materials (Clay,Cement etc.)
Dimensions(mm): L: 505±10/300±10/200±10
W: 100±3
T: 55±15
Weight: ≤25 Kg/Pack
Dimensions Of Corner Piece(mm):

L: 305±10+100±5/200±10+100±5

W: 100±3
T: 55±15
Weight: ≤22 Kg/Pack
Usage: Exterior & Interior Wall Decoration

Features of LOPO Artificial Stone:

◎ Aesthetically pleasing

◎ Made of lightweight aggregate materials

◎ Withstands freezes, thaws, winds and heat

◎ Special surface processing to avoid fading

◎ High compressive strength and non-deformation