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Brown Woodgrain 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panels

Item_No PW4018258

Material Natural Clay, Eco Green Materials

Size Customized

Usage Interior and exterior wall decoration

Brown Woodgrain 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panels introduction

This brown woodgrain 3D inkjet panel is cutomized by Nanjing Forestry University Library Project. The shade and texture is selected and revised from LOPO digital inkjet gallery. Thanks to advanced digital inkjet printing technology, limitless patterns and colors can be provided for architects and designers.

LOPO brown woodgrain 3D inkjet Terracotta Panels are used on the walls of every space in this library as a major wall decoration element. The 3D inkjet panels showcase the natural texture of wood, which forms a harmonious match with other wooden stairs and furniture. It helps to create a cozy and refreshing interor area.

The panel is in the height of 400mm and thickness of 18mm.The installation system is LOPO T18mm Facade Supporting System.

For projects require woodgrains surface, in addition to the digital inkjet panel, we also have multiple Terracotta Panels with natural fired surface available. Check here for panels of Grainy Texture.

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