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Silicon Strip Sealing

Item_No Waterproof Rubber Gasket

Material EPDM

Size Customized

Usage Sealing

Silicon Strip Sealing introduction

The EDPM rubber gaskets applied in the installation of panels are normally fixed on the frame and inserted to the edge gaps between panels to discourage water from entering the wall cavities and work as buffers. Different thickness of Terracotta Facade Panels and mounting system require different seal gasket.

The supporting system for terracotta ventilated facade is custom designed and engineered based on features of the architectural structure and facades products. LOPO is able to provide professional technical support, mounting systems and fixing parts for specific projects. The fixing components provided by LOPO are made of high-quality metal (including aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel etc.) and EPDM gasket, which are of sufficient strength, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand temperature changes.

The fixing components shown represent only a few of our standard product. Custom designed components and supporting systems for specific facade structure or special shapes and profile of Terracotta Rainscreen panels can be provided upon request.