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Extra Long Thin Brick

Item_No WX996, WX899

Material Natural Clay Material

Size 40*500*15mm

Usage Wall Cladding

Extra Long Thin Brick introduction

When light gray and charcoal long bricks are used in combination, the use of cold tone with dark and light colors makes the entire wall more vivid and more beautiful. The concave-convex on the brick surface are made purely by hands. This random texture highlights its artistry and breaks away from the dull and uninteresting feeling rendered by uniformity of the brick surface.

For modern architects, the slender shape of the long brick makes it a very unique design element. The combination of different colors and tones can often bring amazing visual effects to the building facades.

Advantages of LOPO long bricks used as wall cladding:

1. Durability

LOPO long bricks are made of quality clay and fired at high temperatures. Low water-absorption rate makes these bricks highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, so that they are anti-weathering and anti-corrosive.

2. Excellent thermal Insulation

LOPO clay long bricks have great temperature adjustable features that can make a comfortable indoor climate by protecting constructions against moisture, cold and heat.

3. Sustainability and maintenance-free

LOPO long bricks, made of natural clay material, are environment-friendly and can be recycled. Their colors retain the same throughout years. Once correctly installed, no further maintenance or services are needed.

4. Resistant to fire

Clay long bricks are fired at high temperatures so that the material itself is fireproof.