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red long shaped brick (natural surface)

Item_No WF637

Material Natural Clay Material

Size 40*500*15mm

Usage Wall Cladding

red long shaped brick (natural surface) introduction

LOPO long shaped bricks are linear clay veneers with the length of more than 500mm. This long format bricks feature distinctive handmade textures which are natural and random. With various textures, colors and bonding solutions, this slender bricks can create a special visual effects on any kinds of buildings. LOPO long Thin Brick is suitable for both civic and residential building projects when used either as conventional brickwork or precast cladding. In addition to the superior performance of clay bricks, this product gives designers more inspiration for original design.

Advantages of LOPO long bricks used as wall cladding:

1. Durability

LOPO long bricks are made of quality clay and fired at high temperatures. Low water-absorption rate makes these bricks highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, so that they are anti-weathering and anti-corrosive.

2. Excellent thermal Insulation

LOPO clay long bricks have great temperature adjustable features that can make a comfortable indoor climate by protecting constructions against moisture, cold and heat.

3. Sustainability and maintenance-free

LOPO long bricks, made of natural clay material, are environment-friendly and can be recycled. Their colors retain the same throughout years. Once correctly installed, no further maintenance or services are needed.

4. Resistant to fire

Clay long bricks are fired at high temperatures so that the material itself is fireproof.