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LOPO has made breakthrough in terracotta louver research

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LOPO Has Made Breakthrough in Terracotta Louver Research

LOPO China recently announced that it had successfully developed twisted terracotta louver, filling the gap in Chinese terracotta panel and terracotta louver industry. Conventional terracotta louver normally has a regular shape and a linear body. The delicate flowing spiral body of the twisted terracotta louver developed by LOPO has completely overthrown the stereotypical image of the product. Such fashionable product can be used in exterior wall cladding and interior decoration at the same time.

Terracotta louver has been a favorite of architecture designers since its inception. For one thing, terracotta louver can be widely used in exterior wall cladding and interior decoration together with constructional materials such as aluminum alloy, glass and terracotta panel to endow a building with distinctive design taste. For another thing, it has excellent functions. A great number of terracotta louvers are used at the positions such as window, stair and vestibule not only for the purpose of beautifulness but also having functions of ventilation, sun-shading and concealment.

Along with the continuous progress of terracotta panel and louver technologies, designers and construction companies expect more diversified and uniquely-designed terracotta louvers to choose from. Catering to such market demand, LOPO China expects to enhance the influence of LOPO terracotta louver on personalized markets by developing the innovative product.

Somewhat due to the restriction of production technology, terracotta louver is regular in its shape. It has to overcome two challenges to produce twisted terracotta louver: one is modeling, i.e. how to ensure terracotta louver be evenly twisted during modeling. The other is calcination, i.e. how to keep louver body intact and undeformed during high-temperature calcination. LOPO research team has spent nearly one year in researching twisted terracotta louver from designing throughout successful production. Behind the delicate lines of twisted terracotta louver is the creativity, intelligence and persistent endeavors of LOPO research team.

At the moment, LOPO can produce up to 1500mm long and 250mm wide terracotta louver. We believe its dimension will be continuously enlarged as our research progresses further and more special-shaped terracotta louvers will come off the production lines of LOPO China.