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Terracotta Louver

LOPO terracotta square baguette

LOPO produces rectangular or curved terracotta louvers of various cross sections, including oval, rectangular, square, circle, and triangle. Terracotta louver and baguette are versatile and visually expressive. They are sunshading and design aesthetic when used in the front of windows, balconies, glass curtain walls, and can act as design elements when used in special areas such as corners, parapets, outdoor ventilation facilities and parking building. In architectural projects, terracotta louvers and baguettes are used together with terracotta panels to show an integral facade.

  • Terracotta BaguetteTerracotta Baguette

    LOPO terracotta baguettes which have square profiles are usually applied as sunshade devices and aesthetic elements for building facade. Maximum length:1,800 mm. Special finishes like metallic, sandblasted surface and 4-faced glaze is available.

  • Terracotta LouverTerracotta Louver

    LOPO terracotta louver has wide options of standard and custom profiles, glazes, colors, shapes, finishes and dimensions that can create unique terracotta charms for any project. Miter cuts and drilling options are available on request.