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LOPO China’s second terracotta panel and louver production line completed in March

Corporate News

After two-year construction period, LOPO China completed the second kiln, which is expected to start to produce terracotta product in the second half of 2014.

The second roller kiln is 260M long, 2.3M wide and 200mm high. It’s designed to meet the need of producing terracotta panels and louvers with large dimensions and special forms. LOPO will be capable of maximizing its product dimension to be 2M long and 195mm thick. This roller kiln will improve the flexibility of the company production lines and provide more personalized terracotta panel for our customers.

With the production line to commence production, LOPO has already been the largest terracotta panel company in China. The daily yield of terracotta panel and terracotta louver is 5000 square meters and 4000 meters.